Monday, 30 July 2012

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Nude Shoes Uk

Unique Nude Sandal are like nothing you have ever experienced before. Imagine about being without sandal but you have a support below you..  You are secured from hot and cold areas and stones or trash from the floor.  Use them to get the mail or use them all day long.  You will forget you even have them on.   And the best part is they're RE-USABLE.  Use them over and over again.

So how do they work?

     Step onto the sandals and off you go.  They adhere to you.  Unique Nude Sandal have a trademarked water-based sticky on the top area of the sandals.  The water-based sticky allows you to put on them over and over.  Use your sandals to the store, the retail center, sports or anywhere you has on a shoe.  Just clean the sandals with water and detergent when they get unclean and voila, they follow you again.  You can put on the sandals around water but if you immerse them in water, let them air dry and the sticky is ready to go again.  It’s very wonderful.

Colorful Styles - Use Them Everywhere

     Unique Nude Sandal come in many vibrant designs.  Enjoy the comfort and independence of going without shoes with a support of protection under you.  Unique Nude Shoes make excellent presents and are often bought by individuals who have problems dressed in conventional flip-flops or sandals.  People use them everywhere….the zoo, around the RV recreation area, to the share, dining places, activities, or just out for a move.  You will get lots of attention as individuals ask, “that’s awesome, how do they work?”

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