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Credit card holders could face higher costs
The Birmingham News - (blog)
When consumers swipe a card for payment at the register, they may not be aware that Visa and MasterCard charges the retailer a fee, commonly called an "interchange" or "swipe" fee, every time a credit card or debit card is used for payment. The card ...
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Credit Card Settlement May Not Help
ABC News
"People on both sides of the issue are disappointed," says Anisha Sekar, VP of Credit and Debit Products for NerdWallet, a website that helps consumers decide which credit card program is best for them. Under the ... Defenders of the settlement reached ...
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Credit-card pact no deal for consumers
The $7 billion settlement between Visa, MasterCard, some large banks and retailers, if approved, sends a strong message to consumers: Buck up and plan on paying for the privilege of using a credit card or any other payment method. ... plan on paying ...
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Retailers, Not Consumers, Swipe Victory in Credit Card Fee Settlement
U.S. News & World Report
"This really benefits the people who are using debit or cash," says Anisha Sekar, VP of credit and debit products at personal finance website NerdWallet. But the benefit won't be as visible as the hit to credit card users, Sekar adds, who could ...
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U.S. News & World Report
Using a credit card instead of cash could cost you
AUSTINTOWN, Ohio - If you primarily use a credit card or debit card instead of cash, it could cost you. That's because major credit card companies have agreed to a settlement in a price fixing case that would pay retailers $7-billion. The agreement ...
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Should you use debit or credit after credit card numbers are stolen from Salem ...
Salem Police say they are having trouble finding victims.
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Visa Europe Should Match MasterCard Fee Cut, Almunia Says
... on debit card transactions outside a user's home country. Visa Inc. (V) (V), MasterCard and some of the biggest U.S. banks this month agreed to a U.S. settlement of at least $6.05 billion in a price-fixing case brought by retailers over credit ...
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Naples man battled big banks, credit card companies and he won
Naples Daily News
Credit card companies and their issuing banks have agreed to modify their rules and practices to give merchants more flexibility to encourage their customers to use debit cards, cash or checks to avoid the higher credit card transaction fees. Under the ...
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Laws Unfairly Treat Debt Collectors Differently on Credit Card Payments
Ironically, some states charge a collection agency a fee to use a credit card for renewal of a collection agency license, yet those same states restrict the ability of the collection agency to pass fees on to the consumers who pay with a credit or ...
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Huge Disappointment in Credit Card Settlement: Mastercard and Visa Stocks ...
Consumers here and abroad may have overleveraged themselves to the hilt, but they're not about to stop using credit cards, or debit cards for that matter. We've become accustomed to the ease and convenience, and that has made for an impressive stock ...
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Visa and Mastercard agree to let merchants charge you a fee for ...
If you pay with a credit card, you may soon be charged an additional fee for the ... to a debit card, cash or check rather than pay 1% to 2% extra for using a credit ...

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