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CONSUMER FINANCE: Credit-Card Pact Is No Deal for Consumers
Wall Street Journal
The $7 billion settlement between Visa Inc. (V), MasterCard Inc. (MA), some large banks and retailers, if approved, sends a strong message to consumers: Buck up and plan on paying for the privilege of using a credit card or any other payment method. "If you're using an additional service when you shop you'll be paying for that service," said Anisha Sekar, vice president of credit and debit products for online financial-products reviewer NerdWallet. "Everyone who uses cash has been subsidizing credit-card holders ...
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LETTER OF THE DAY - Bank frustrations in Jamaica
Jamaica Gleaner
Some merchants will not accept the Scotiabank VISA debit card as a debit card. They insist that their policy is to use it as a credit card only. Why? Is there a fee disadvantage in using it as a debit card? Others will ask which you want to run it as - debit or credit, ...
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Kroger may charge credit card users more
Kroger says it is exploring the possibility of giving cash users a discount at the register, or posting two prices for everything: one being the cash price, the other the credit card price. The store has not yet said if it would also charge this higher price to debit card ...
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Settlement Allows Retailers to Surcharge for Credit Card Use; Will They?
Fox Business
Retailers have long complained that so-called "swipe fees," which card processors charge every time a customer uses a credit card, are too high and are hidden by the prohibition on listing surcharges to pass along those higher costs. The agreement ... In 2011, the Federal Reserve capped fees on debit card transactions at 21 cents per swipe, less than half of the previous average. ... An April 2012 poll showed that 43% of Americans said they have gone through a full week without paying for anything in cash or coins.
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Credit Card Settlement May Side-Swipe Consumers
When consumers swipe a card for payment at the register, Visa and MasterCard charge the retailer a fee, commonly called an interchange or swipe fee, every time a credit card or debit card is used for payment. The card processor collects the fee and splits it ...
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While Apple Waits, PayPal Uses Acquisitions To Expand It's Mobile Payment ...
Cult of Mac currently works with a range of iOS and Android developers to help them integrate mobile credit/debit card payment capabilities into their apps without the need of additional hardware like Square's card reader or PayPal's Here card reader. Instead ...
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Victor In a War Over Credit Card 'Swipe Fees'
"But if you can break out the cost for using a credit card and can decide not to pay it [by using cash, a check or a debit card], then that's a different matter." Goldstone thinks few merchants will impose surcharges but says the threat will force the card companies ...
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Debit card used after wallet found missing from purse
Whether cooking on a gas or charcoal grill, at home, at a park or at a tailgate, grilling provides...- 5:58 am. Keeping his ... Someone used a debit card apparently stolen Friday from a woman's purse to make several purchases at area businesses. A Livonia woman noticed ... About 20 minutes later she received a call from her credit union that more than $150 in purchases were made at a Marathon gas station in Redford, Tim Horton's on Schoolcraft, 7-Eleven and a Mobil station, all in Livonia. The woman blocked the ...
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Retailers to benefit from credit card fee settlement, not consumers
Retailers filed dozens of lawsuits beginning in 2005, alleging that banks and card processing companies colluded to fix interchange or "swipe" fees — the amount a bank can charge a retailer to process a debit or credit transaction — as well as prohibited ...
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4 cases of credit card fraud reported in Rock Hill
The Herald |
4 cases of credit card fraud reported in Rock Hill. Published: July 18, 2012. 2012-07-18T18:05:00Z. By Jonathan ... Police also spoke with a 37-year-old man who said he accidentally left his debit card in an ATM on Cherry Road and found that someone withdrew $200 from his bank account, a report states. On Monday, a 59-year-old woman told police someone used her debit ... All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Order Reprint Back to Top. < Previous Story ...
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Ooma Forums | View topic - Use of Debit Card vs Credit card
When I activated my Ooma the system would not accept a business Visa debit card number. (Tried twice) Is there a problem with debit cards? If so, why?;t=14031

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