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Posted by alan Mike on 05:19
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Credit card settlement unlikely to help stores charge fees
Chicago Tribune
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Stores may not find it easier to charge shoppers fees for paying by credit card as a result of a $7.25 billion class action settlement with Visa Inc. and MasterCard Inc, a problem that may delay or derail its approval, an analyst said on Monday. The proposed settlement between retailers and the two biggest credit card companies would resolve stores' claims that Visa and MasterCard conspired with major banks to fix swipe feesâ€"- the amount paid to process debit and credit card payments.
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Hispanics' Payment Method Has Implications Of Credit Card Legislation
Regardless of the product or service, Hispanic males and females tend to pay by cash or debit card. Data collected in June 2012 by BIGinsight Center reveals that more than 50% of the Hispanic population avoids using credit regardless of the size of purchase ...
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Slowdown in spending may weigh on Visa 3Q profit
Analysts fear that this would shift customers from all credit cards into cash or checks long term. WHY IT MATTERS: Visa, based in San Francisco, is the world's largest processor of debit and credit card payments. Its results reflect the health of the consumer.
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Obama campaign racking up big credit-card fees
Washington Times
Mr. Obama has positioned himself as a consumer champion when it comes to fees charged by banks and credit card companies. Last fall, he ripped Bank of America for a $5-a-month debit card fee, saying it wasn't entitled to those profits. When he accepts the ...
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Washington Times
This Week in Credit Card News
Retailers reached an antitrust settlement on interchange fees with Visa, MasterCard and several large banks that will be good for merchants but might penalize cardholders with higher prices or decreased credit card rewards. ... A World Trade Organization panel has determined that China's tight control over credit and debit card transactions discriminates against U.S. card companies, a decision the card issuers hope will lead to new business opportunities in China's fast-growing payments market. The WTO called for ...
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Use your card to pay challan on the spot
Times of India
According to the officials, police are also planning to introduce an online system to enable payment of fines through the payment gateway of a private bank using debit/credit card. Official sources said the system would also help a motorist to collect the details ...
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Debit Card vs. Credit Card: Financial Plan? - Yahoo! Answers
I have a debit card and was weighing the pros and …

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