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Kids should avoid the 'summer slide' by reading this summer (video, gallery) (blog)
MOBILE, Alabama -- Every Wednesday, Savannah Price brings the pair of 6-year-olds that she baby-sits to the library in downtown Mobile to pick out two books apiece.
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Teen Vogue Will Never Pledge to Promote 'Beauty in All Forms' Because It ...
Teen Vogue Will Never Pledge to Promote 'Beauty in All Forms' Because It Doesn Now that Seventeen Magazine has listened to their readers and promised not to alter the faces or bodies of their models and "celebrate diverse beauty," teenage activists are ...
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Penn State scandal could happen at your school
The Freeh report should be required summer reading for every university administrator and board member. Penn State lived in a world where it aggressively banned a sports agent from campus who bought clothes for a football player, yet allowed a ...
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Readers offer cable bill fixes
Kansas City Star
Whenever I struggle to recommend ways for families to save money in their household budgets, I can count on readers to come to the rescue. Take the monthly cable bill.
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Can David Brooks Even Read the Words He Himself Is Writing?
Influential guy with thoughts David Brooks has some thoughts today, about Chris Hayes' new book Twilight of the Elites. And, to be honest, he raises some good questions! Like, is David Brooks literate?
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Will Matt Damon Team Up With Jeremy Renner for Another Bourne Movie?
E! Online
"Daredevil was always the one Ben [Affleck] and I grew up reading, we loved Daredevil, but Ben got that one." Matt continues, "It's like a sci-fi movie, they're hard to do really well and when they're done well, often times, look at The Dark Knight, it ...
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E! Online
Readers, Jian Ghomeshi help this man
Toronto Star
Radio programmer Sean Kelly was on his deck overlooking Blackfish Bay near Bancroft, Ont., last Saturday, reading the paper and having his morning coffee, when he sat upright and said to himself, "I can help this guy."
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Toronto Star
Our Opinion: Reading first
Tallahassee Democrat (blog)
It's a fundamental goal of parents who strive to do best by their child's early development, and that's to make sure that the child is reading on the proper level.
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How Will Bill O'Brien, Penn State Move Past the Freeh Report?
Opposing Views
"Today we received the results of the Freeh Group's investigation into what transpired at Penn State. I am carefully reading the report and recommendations with respect to the football department, including any gaps that may exist, to identify what ...
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Opposing Views
Guest Post | A Student Reader 'Figures Out Frank Ocean'
New York Times (blog)
The fact that all readers read differently is made abundantly clear to us every summer when we do our annual reading contest, in which students 13 to 25 years old are invited to tell us what interested them most in The Times each week. The range of ...
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New York Times (blog)

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