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Personal Finance: Advisers offer summer reading picks
Sacramento Bee
OK, we know that financial books are likely no one's idea of a riveting beach read. But summer can be a great time to pick up a book that might empower you to think differently about your money. Or at least explain away all the financial confusion that ...
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Newburgh's Patterson says reading will revitalize city
Times Herald-Record
CITY OF NEWBURGH — The world's best-selling author returned home Saturday and touted reading as a top cure to poverty.
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Readers wary of bias missed out on an even-handed Bain primer: Ted Diadiun
Plain Dealer
But those are just the Cliffs Notes. Your mission, should you decide to do your own thinking and not rely on 30-second campaign spots, is to read the story and enlighten yourself. If you missed it in last Sunday's paper, you can find it at ...
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Plain Dealer
A short do-not-read list of fiction books
VOXXI (blog)
We have heard of reading lists; I have not yet heard of a list of fiction books that should not be read, even touched.
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VOXXI (blog)
New state law: Third graders must read to pass
Marion Star
Limited is described as struggling with simple reading tasks, proficient as understanding what they read and advanced as going beyond understanding to where they can "explain what they like or do not like about a story." Academic content standards are ...
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Hot Summer Reading: Good Dirty Books VS. Bad Dirty Books
Huffington Post
I simply could not believe what I was reading: I was blushing, squirming, giggling, and certain that every other proper, tweedy British passenger just knew I was seeped in porn. Make no mistake: porn is what Nin had written. Gorgeous, lyrical, hot sexy ...
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A Mind-Reading Helmet to Catch Criminals and Enemies! Or Not
Discover Magazine (blog)
Can someone peer into your head to see what you're thinking? Veritas Scientific wants to. But don't start making a tin foil hat quite yet—the electroencephalogram (EEG) helmet that Veritas is developing won't actually read your mind. It only detects ...
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Discover Magazine (blog)
Reader's View: Prostitution column ignored available facts
Duluth News Tribune
I was shocked and outraged reading the column by Joseph Legueri, who was identified at the end as, among other things, an educator. I can only hope he never educated our children with his views on prostitution (An Iron Ranger's view: "Let's acknowledge ...
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Mahmoud Darwish aside, Arabs are not reading, says study
That number mirrors the nature of a reading culture and can be used to evaluate reading habits among its generations. Earlier this year, a debate on how to foster reading habits among Arab youth was prompted after the Arab Thought Foundation's Fikr ...
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10-man Reading knock off Ocean City July 14, 2012 12:07
The Philly Soccer Page
Reading beat the Spartans 3-0 back on May 25 thanks to Ryan Finley brace and a goal from Pedro Ribeiro. The Spartans must play New Jersey Rangers FC on Saturday before facing Reading 24 hours later. Reading can claim a fourth division title in five ...
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Help understand this Tarot reading. can you tell me the message ...
I asked this: Will I be able to get back with my ex-girlfriend? how? This is what came up with this images. The page of ...
bookish: Saturday Book Discussion: Is reading good for you?
How do you get a boy who doesn't like reading to read? Give him a ... I think reading can be good for you and it can be educational and it can expand the mind.
Reading's Valle could be Phillies' All-Star catcher of the future
READING — What do Carlos Ruiz and a 21-year-old Double A catcher have in common? This year they've both been recognized as All-Stars.Reading Phillies ...
Next Issue brings its all-you-can-read magazine store to the iPad ...
The last time we heard about Next Issue, the all-you-can-read magazine store was launching on Android, with an iOS version said to be coming soon. Three.

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