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When Do You Stop Reading a Book?
Publishers Weekly (blog)
I read too many books to feel compelled to finish all of them. I give most books a fair shake, at least a hundred pages, unless it's truly awful. I define truly awful as something that is poorly written, when all I can see are the errors. I don't even ...
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Nothing can replace a good teacher
Washington Post
Those who hope 21st-century technological wonders will save our schools should read a recent lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan. It tells the story of Melvin Marshall, a seventh-grader at Barber Focus School in Highland Park.
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New reading apps from actors Curtis, Burton
'Where Do Balloons Go' and 'Reading Rainbow' debut as iPad apps.
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Reader's view: Cutting 29 teachers will hurt students
Duluth News Tribune
I was just reading where they have to cut 29 teachers from our schools ("Board cuts 29 teachers," June 20). If they have not figured it out yet that the kids in our schools are our future, God help us.
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Reading Heathrow rail-link benefits can't be underestimated
Reading Post
Funding for a direct rail link between Reading and Heathrow was announced last week.
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Jhb to cut power if meter readers can't access
Jhb to cut power if meter readers can't access| News24|MyNews24| Joburg residents could have their services cut if they do not give meter readers access to their properties – even if their accounts are up to date.
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Community Challenge | Keep up with summer reading
The Courier-Journal
As teachers, we are well aware of the benefits of reading during the summer months. However, we have one easy, free, and fun recommendation for parents: "Take them to the library this summer." As teachers, we know the most powerful thing you can do ...
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Reading 'The Newsroom': 'I'll Try To Fix You'
This is an interesting approach for Sorkin and company; previously, Sports Night and West Wing certainly referenced real people and events, but I can't recall them actually building episodes around them. The athletes and politicians at the heart of the ...
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Schools: Reading is 'cool'
Martinsville Bulletin
That's what local educators hope kids will do this summer, as the summer reading programs are under way in Martinsville Schools. Patrick Henry Elementary School is trying something new this year on top of its normal summer reading program. Before ...
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Fifty Shades of Summer Reading
First Things (blog)
Then the director said that's why the library could aid and abet the secret readers, because once a book is brought back or in the case of e-books, expires, the library wipes the record about it. That's another operating policy, that no public records ...
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momstown Victoria: A Little Reading Does a Lot of Good
And how can we get our kids to the 1000 book mark by age five? Regular bedtime reading will probably make up most it, but there are lots of other fun times and ...
12 Health and Fitness Blogs You Should Be Reading | Mark's Daily ...
With the Primal/paleo/ancestral/real food/whatever-moniker-you-prefer community growing by leaps and bounds over the past year, I thought I'd do another ...

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