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Your Baby Can Read company closes due to mounting complaints
In the push to compete educationally, everyone felt the push for more reading, more learning and more technology - all at an earlier age. Baby Einstein was amo.
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Your Baby Can Read Goes Bust
The company that persuaded hundreds of thousands of parents to buy Your Baby Can Read products is going out of business, citing the high cost of fighting complaints alleging its ads were false. "While... Money News Summaries. | Newser.
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Reading North Korean tea leaves
CNN (blog)
What can we read into her recent public appearances, and is there any sign that North Korea might start to become more open? The woman may or may not be Kim Jong Un's wife or consort. Kim Jong Il was never publicly identified as having a wife, and ...
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You can now (finally) read Barnes & Noble e-books on the Web
Pages can be read in a single or double-page layout and are turned with a scroll of your mouse.
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What you should know about Reading's new downtown health center
The center is dedicated to providing care for poor or uninsured people from anywhere in Berks County.
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Reading sign Mariappa and Gunter
"Reading is a great place to come to anyway, so it wasn't a hard decision to make the move here. I just can't wait to get onto a training pitch with all the lads and start settling in, getting to know everyone and playing in the pre-season games we ...
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Dr. Jeff Hersh: Will a 'sympathetic eye' lead to blindness?
Wicked Local
Q: My neighbor's son had a really bad injury to his right eye. His mom said they were worried about him going blind in both eyes due to a condition where the uninjured eye has sympathy for the bad eye. Is this a real thing?
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Rights, reading & race
Detroit Metro Times
Instead, the ACLU is basing its argument on Michigan's education law, which says in part, "a pupil who does not score satisfactorily on the fourth or seventh grade reading test shall be provided special assistance reasonably expected to bring his or ...
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Detroit Metro Times
Team StarKid will offer premiere reading of third Harry Potter parody musical ...
The show is written by Matt Lang, Nick Lang and Brian Holden and will be performed as a staged reading during the A Very StarKid Event II at this year's LeakyCon, a Harry Potter fan conference. The third parody musical -" A Very Potter 3D: A Very ...
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Japan finally embraces e-reader revolution
The Guardian
Manga comics that can be read on mobile phones are one of the country's few success stories in digital publishing. But that could all be about to change from Thursday, when the Japanese online retail giant Rakuten launches an e-reader it hopes will see ...
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The Guardian

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