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The Reading Fox Introduces Interactive Reading Tutor for Children with Dyslexia
Sacramento Bee
Puzzles and activities ensure that children stay engaged throughout the reading lesson, and the exclusive Reading Speedometer can be set to any speed to match the child's own reading rate. Kids will enjoy reading and discussing the same books as their ...
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Your Blackberry Can Read Your Mood
BlackBerry Rocks!
Your Blackberry Can Read Your Mood Besides all this, the new technology will be capable of expressing the emotions experienced by the user, which is indeed going to be a revolutionary thing in mobile technology. Does it mean that all emoticons like smile ...
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BlackBerry Rocks!
Reading is the first skill
Florida Times-Union
There are many partners: The Children's Movement, local United Ways, school districts, Women's Leadership Councils, Early Learning Coalitions, Children's Services Councils and so many others. Together, they will focus on improving the reading abilities of ...
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Does The TSA Have A Little Penis Problem? (VIDEO)
Huffington Post
You can read the entire pun-filled story -- and view all 2000-plus comments -- right here. Apparently, you found it amusing, too, because many of you emailed me the story, asking what I thought. I am not amused. Many TSA agents, as I've already explained, ...
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Reading into dreamland
The Augusta Chronicle
You see, I had not brought a book in from the car, and the only reading materials in the room were manuals, yearbooks and the like. I had my reading glasses, but nothing to read. How would I ever be able to sleep? My wife wouldn't share her book. (We have ...
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Reading into digital emotions can spell trouble :-)
Do you get annoyed at the endless use of "smiley faces" or emoticons in emails? Do you worry incessantly why your boss sent a seemingly terse two-letter "OK" reply to your well thought-out message? It's hard to convey emotions via email - and psychologists ...
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Learn how to read your pets food label
Morton Times-News (blog)
Understanding pet food labels is the most important factor in choosing the right food for your pet. Reading the small print can tell you a lot about the quality of the product you choose for your pet. AAFCO is the American Association of Feed Control Officials.
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Can't Beat a Mystery for Summer Reading
Southern Pines Pilot
Can't Beat a Mystery for Summer Reading. By Faye Dasen · Sunday, July 22, 2012 · Print print this page; Discuss Comment, Blog about; Share this Email, Facebook, Twitter. Advertisement. Mysteries always make good escapist reading for the summer.
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Make Learning to Read Fun this Summer with Game Suggestions from StudyDog
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
With school out for the summer, various reading-focused games can be purchased, played online or created using common household items, said Deme Clainos, a spokesman for StudyDog, an online reading program geared toward elementary students.
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eBook vs. pBook: Imaginative Discovery - The Digital Reader
By Rich Adin
I think imaginative discovery is a very important component of reading, especially for those who are just beginning the lifetime adventure that reading can bring about. When adults watch a movie or play a video game, they tend to become ...
The Digital Reader

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Reading the Tea Leaves: How the Senate Could Look : Roll Call ...
The next few months will be stressful for Senate strategists. With less than four months to go, the fate of the Senate majority is maddeningly unknown -- and likely ...

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