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At Georgetown, reading will highlight a long-standing reality of theater: Gender ...
Washington Post
On Wednesday, to draw attention to the issue of gender bias in American theater, Chalfant and two other actors will read from works by notable female American playwrights in a program titled "History Matters/Back to the Future." The reading is sponsored by ...
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Should Newspapers Give Readers the Power to Hide News They Don't Want to ...
The Atlantic
(Olympics news may continue to appear elsewhere on the homepage outside of the content-specific box, such as on the most-read list, so you can't entirely escape it.) The Guardian has played this card before, allowing readers a similar option during the royal ...
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Weekend reading: Cast a family 'Wishing Spell'
Chris Colfer, best known as Kurt Hummel on the hit TV series Glee, now can sing about his latest accomplishment: He's a best-selling author. He has written his first novel, The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell, for tween readers. It made its debut on USA ...
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Hacker Demos Android App That Can Wirelessly Steal And Use Credit Cards' Data
Eddie Lee's Android phone, displaying data it has wirelessly read from his credit card. I've blocked the credit card number on the phone's screen in orange. The symbol of nested arcs on the card shows that it one of the 100 million RFID-enabled cards in ...
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What We're Reading: HG Wells, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, "In Cold Blood" in Aurora's ...
New Yorker (blog)
One of the pleasures of parenting is reading your children the young-adult classics that were too complicated for you and are, likewise, too complicated for them. Somewhere there exists an arbiter with a completely confused idea of what the pre-teen mind can ...
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New Yorker (blog)
Study suggests reading this post could make you blind
Staring at a screen can also cause sensitivity to light, which could lead to blurred vision, headaches and problems focusing, also known as "Computer Vision Syndrome," or even more serious problems. CVS affects an estimated 150 to 200 million U.S. ...
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Oregon Shakespeare Festival Presents Reading of Dustin Lance Black's '8', 8/5
Broadway World
The reading will take place on the set of Party People, an American Revolutions commission, and like "8," another theatre piece exploring times of change and growth in the U.S.". The OSF cast features: Richard Howard, Cristofer Jean, Jackie Katzman, ...
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We all want kids to enjoy reading
The Guardian
Early exposure to simple, phonically decodable stories will ensure that most children get the "reading" thing in key stage 1 and be free to read for fun from then on. Let us not scupper the attempts by the present and previous government to embed phonic ...
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Pastor's Corner: Becoming a Christian reader
Newnan Times-Herald
Reading books written by gifted Bible teachers can unlock the meaning of important verses or even whole books of the Bible. Your pastor's regular week-by-week teaching though God's Word can be strengthened and supported in your life as you read good ...
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Does Every Book Have to Be Sexy Now?
The Atlantic Wire (blog)
One of the many things that people purport to have learned from Fifty Shades of Grey is that women want to read sexy things. (Maybe men do, too, but let's admit that both the main target demo and readership of erotica like Fifty Shades consists of women.) ...
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The Atlantic Wire (blog)

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