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Library invites community to read
The final summer reading party will be held at Henry Ruff, located on Maplewood between Middlebelt and Merriman in Garden City. Gill performs 11 a.m. to noon with the party to follow from noon to 2 p.m., also at Henry Ruff. Michigan's Funny Man Joel Tacey ...
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The Mailbox: Some readers are standing up for Penn State
Columbus Dispatch
The media, The Dispatch included, makes such a big deal of college football that one can understand (certainly not condone) administrators being tempted to hide misdeeds from public scrutiny. — Edward B. DeVennish, Blacklick. Edward: I'm generally not ...
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Columbus Dispatch
Satz's book on moral limits of marketing should be read
Bowling Green Daily News
This quote from Vaclav Havel, the last president of Czechoslovakia and the first president of the Czech Republic, succinctly captures the spirit of what Debra Satz is trying to convey on almost every page of her new book, "Why Some Things Should Not Be For ...
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Why I Read And Write — Ngugi's Son
The Guardian Nigeria
Reading had been an important part of life. It had shaped me. I had learned a lot from themes and characters in the novels I had read. But what makes reading Important? Or better yet, what makes reading important? Could it be substituted by ANY form of art?
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Many working to bridge wide gender-reading gap in the U.S.
Deseret News
He notes a study of third- and fourth-grade students which showed that loss of reading skills over the summer — called summer slide in academic literature — can actually be stopped and in some cases reversed just by having books in the home. "It drives ...
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Deseret News
On the Mark: Help me! I've fallen into technology and can't get out
Hudson Hub-Times
If you can't beat them, join them. That's my new motto. Joe, my loving husband of 50 years, wanted an e-reader for Father's Day, so, of course, I bought him one. Neither one of us, however, could figure out how to use it. At the same time, we couldn't get our ...
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What I'm Reading: Jillian Bevacqua, 23, Denville, N.J
Allentown Morning Call
The best books inspire me to sit down and do my own writing. •How I got hooked on reading: I've been a big reader my whole life. "The Little Engine that Could" was a repeat offender in my childhood bedtime stories. •I usually read: I love a feel-good story, but ...
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Allentown Morning Call
Reading righty May searching for right stuff
Philadelphia Inquirer
As one bad inning became two, and one bad start became four or five, May said, he spent too much time reflecting on each mistake, thinking about what he should have done instead. He can't stop, and it hurts him. It keeps him in his rut. Even when he starts ...
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Let 4-year-old read at own pace
Poughkeepsie Journal
Answer: There are a wide variety of reading programs and kits on the market today that will help your daughter learn to read. Some of these are available at your local library. Before you actually spend your hard-earned cash on one of these systems, check it ...
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NoveList good for recommended reading
Greenville Daily Reflector
NoveList Plus is a reader's advisory tool that librarians and patrons alike can use to find new titles and authors. Patrons can access the NoveList Plus link through the library website at using their library card number. At the website ...
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Can I Get a Pulse? | Joystiq
You're reading Reaction Time, a weekly column that claims to examine recent ... The fact that such a binary choice can't make it out from behind the industry's ...
What A Free Psychic Reading Can Do For you personally ...
If you have been mulling more than regardless of whether or not it is best to get a psychic reading then it may well behoove you to discover in regards to the ...

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