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Tacoma man could face charges after flight tirade
Sacramento Bee
A 50-year-old Tacoma man could face criminal charges after an outburst over a reading light during a flight from Honolulu to Bellingham International Airport. Washington State Patrol spokesman Keith Leary tells The Bellingham Herald ( ...
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Now you can read the Bible… Hollywood-style
Even people who have never read the Bible could probably guess that other translations don't say Adam pointed his finger at Eve when he blamed her for his disobedience. Neither do other Bibles describe Eve as "excited" about her newborn son. That's pure ...
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Alabama Media Group: Answering your questions about younger readers and ... (blog)
As Alabama Media Group transitions to a digitally focused company with print editions on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, I'm optimistic about what it will mean for attracting younger readers. The reason? Instead of forcing younger readers to use a specific ...
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Halo 4: Essential Reading
We've put together this all to brief and spoiler-free column of our suggestions of which of the Halo novels you should read and why. Obviously, these suggestions are not going to apply to everyone as you may have already ready some or all of the Halo books ...
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Summer Reading List: The Dream Team
CelticsBlog (blog)
I can't recommend "Let Me Tell You A Story" highly enough. With that said, perhaps a timely book to read right now is the new one by Jack McCallum about the original Dream Team (which would have totally torched this and any other team by the way).
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Staten Islanders can sound off against water-meter torture
Staten Islanders frustrated over skyrocketing water bills and what they believe are faulty city-installed automated water-meter readers can soon give the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) a drubbing. Staten Islanders frustrated over skyrocketing ...
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Sunday Reading: Fifi Lapin's 10 Most Useful Accessories You Will Ever Own
Glamour (blog)
You web-saavy fashionistas have probably come across the darling Fifi Lapin. Not only does this bunny have her own blog, but now a book filled with her fave fashions from the runway, interviews with big-name designers (Hello, Anna Sui!), how-tos, and witty ...
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Glamour (blog)
Readers debate: Should the U.S. ban assault firearms?
Statesman Journal
The Obama administration says it will not seek more regulations this year on firearms in the wake of the horrible shootings in Aurora, Colo. The administration also blocked approval of a U.N. treaty to regulate the multi-billion-dollar global arms trade. However ...
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Teens can read at Galion library
Bucyrus Telegraph Forum
GALION -- Galion Public Library will have its Teen Summer Reading wrap-up party from 7 to 11 p.m. Friday. Teens in grades seven through 12 can attend whether or not they have participated in the summer reading program. There will be food, glow-in-the ...
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Read, Watch, And Listen
"It is only with the heart that one can see clearly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." ... "You are responsible for your rose..." This is not just a poetic tale, it is a philosophy of life that at 62 years of age I keep reading at least once a year to resource myself in ...
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Sometimes Reading Can Be A Challenge « Sam's Blog
Sometimes Reading Can Be A Challenge. I knew better then try to read during the day. I live with my Grandmother and her disabled sister with my two dogs and ...
Worth Reading: Can it be un-American to be a Christian?
The current hate campaign being waged by homosexual activists against fast food chain Chick-fil-A, because of the firm's Christian values, may well turn out to ...
A Little Bit Of ghd Australia Reading Can Certainly Help Your ...
If you realise on your own in a mountain of personal debt, it might be difficult to discover how to pay every one of the charges ghd Australia that you simply need ...
Should teachers be able to assign required summer reading - IDEA
Should teachers be able to assign required summer reading? This may limit the opportunities a child might pursue over the summer, such as summer courses at ...

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