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Nokia Lumia 900 features

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1. Take images without starting your phone

Let’s say you want easily breeze a pic by just taking your cellphone out of your wallet and pushing just one key. Here is how: When your Lumia is closed and the display is black, media and hold the photographic camera option. After a brief second, the cellphone app will come up and let you capture images to your heart’s content.

2. Check out a QR value without a special app

Most mobile phones require a QR app to scan a QR value. However, with the Lumia 900 and 710, look for is operated by Google and therefore you can just tap the look for option, then choose the symbol that looks like an eye. From here, you can scan a bar code or QR value and be taken to the Internet location to understand more. Very smooth.

3. Make videos clip contact using Dance or Skype Beta

Because the Lumia 900 has a front-facing photographic camera, you can also make interactive movie calling using the top side experiencing photographic camera on the cellphone. One power of the Lumia 900′s front side experiencing camera: it’s wide-angle, so you can easily discuss with a buddy by your side and the other party can see both of you.

4. Use the built-in FM system to pay attention to music via radio

This function is invisible somewhat, but go to the Music program. As long as you have earphones connected in, you can pay attention to FM stations on your Lumia 900 or Lumia 710. I love hearing NPR via my regional affiliate marketer, and the Lumia’s built-in FM system is perfect for this operate.

5. Use Power supply Saving when you need additional battery life

Sometimes, at the end of a active day or at a meeting, you need every additional ounces of lifestyle your battery can extra. If you want to eke out a few more minutes of stand-by time, check out Power supply Saving.

In Configurations, then Power supply, you can allow Power supply Saving which will stop your cell phone's ability to get email messages [EDIT: you can still attempt manually] and a few other battery extensive features. Phone calls and SMS still work, but Power supply Saving has assisted me out in a few circumstances. You can also set it to instantly kick-in whenever battery is low.

6. Categories keep you close to who is important

In the Connections program, you can also make groups. I have one for my nearest friends and one for my family, with a Live Floor allocated to each on my homescreen. That way, Facebook or myspace and LinkedIn information for these individuals are modified, and I do not have to narrow them out the nourish in my People program, which is key for me.

7. Use speech features on the go

I drive a lot and I always use a Wireless hands-free system for making sure I can keep my sight on the street. When combined with a ear phones, Windows Phone is capable of doing features via speech such as written text information and putting a contact. For example, to contact my spouse, I simply say, “Call Kimmy”; and starting and responding to sms information is as easy as following the speech encourages.

8. Discover applications in the Industry without running Marketplace

If you know the name of an app you want to set up in Industry, there happens to be fast way to get to the place to set up the program. From your desltop, run remaining to expose the set up applications list, then on the remaining, hit the on-screen look for option and look for for the program. Obviously, if it’s an app you do not have yet, you can “search Marketplace” and be taken to the applications house easily.

 9. Discover fun encounters around you using Local Scout

From the homescreen, click on the look for option again. Hit the option on base that looks like the outline of a building. This is Local Look and this awesome application reveals you locations to eat and encounters to be had based on your business. Local Look reveals you locations you may not otherwise know about and has assisted me on a variety of events.

10. Remember a company contact variety by name

Let’s say you choose a great chicken wings eating place and you look for for its contact variety,  and build a contact. Then, a few days later, you want to contact them again – you go to your contact record but you cannot remember the actual contact variety you called previously.

That’s not a problem on the Lumia mobile phones. When you look for for a company from Charts, then contact it – the actual company name is stored in the contact record, making it really quick to discover the variety in your contact log going forward.

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