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Nokia Lumia 900 Review

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Nokia Lumia 900 Review

"Nokia still creates phones?" a buddy requested the other day. While I giggled, I couldn't fault her for asking — ten years ago, almost everyone I realized had a Htc cellphone, ones with dark and white shows and diversely shaded looks.

Today, as you might have thought, not one person I know has a Htc cellphone.

The Lumia 900, which strikes AT&T shops this weeks time, is The lenders return kid, or at least that's what the organization is gambling on. It is one of the first mobile phones to hit the industry since the organization declared its collaboration with Ms and its programs to use Ms windows Phone, rather than the Symbian techniques it had used in the past.

But it's more than just another Ms windows Phone. It expenses $99.99 (with a two-year contract) and is loaded to the top with top-of-the-line elements, such as an AMOLED ClearBlack show, 8-megapixel photographic camera, and AT&T's 4G LTE system for fast surfing around connections. But is a fantastic value enough to launch Htc before competition?

Eye-Catching Style and Display

It's fairly hard to make a mobile phone take a position out these days -- considering they're mostly display with situations as smooth as possible -- but the Lumia 900 doesn't look like any other cellphone available on the industry. The back protect and the curved sides are made out of nasty, a very resilient scratch-free nasty, but seems a lot like steel. It gives the .45-inch-thick cellphone a wider platform, but it also creates it very relaxed to keep.

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It's available in dark, white-colored, and azure, and while I was dissatisfied that Htc didn't have a white-colored device to offer me, I finished up adoring the azure -- it is readily available in a bag.

My one issue about the elements can be found in the position of the control buttons. All of the actual physical control buttons -- the amount musician, power option, and the photographic camera -- stay on the right advantage of the cellphone, which creates it complicated to determine by feel which is which. A number of times I incorrectly tried to turn on the cellphone by pushing one of the amount control buttons.

But that isn't enough to lower price all the other excellent design choices: Plain, the Lumia is one of the most eye-catching mobile mobile phones I've ever set sight on.

And that elegance carries on on to its 4.3-inch AMOLED display. The 800 x 480 show doesn't have as high as a quality as the iPhone 4S, so images and written text don't appear as sharp, but shades look extremely shiny and the ClearBlack show creates it much simpler to study in natural light than a cellphone like the New samsung Universe Nexus. And keeping The lenders concept of strength, the display is protected in Gorilla Cup, which should secure it against scrapes.

A Good, Though Not Great Camera

The Lumia 900's 8-megapixel photographic camera and its Carl Zeiss zoom contacts take clear and sharp injections. And thanks to its dual-LED display, it even takes awesome images in low-light circumstances. Overall, images taken with the Lumia weren't as sharp or specific as ones taken with the iPhone 4S, but they were clearly better than injections from other mobile mobile phones like the New samsung Universe Nexus.

The cellphone also has a front-facing 1-megapixel photographic camera for movie contacting or for what I call the tooth-check. (Secret: I usually use the photographic camera to examine if I have anything in my tooth.) The photographic camera conducted well for both of those tasks.

The Lumia 900 operates Windows newest edition of the Windows Cellphone os, known as Mango. For those different with Windows Cellphone, it provides a very fresh interface with a homescreen complete of flooring, which can show information about what's occurring inside the program. For example, the heat range shows on the Climate Route app. You can run remaining from there and get a whole big record of the programs on the telephone. It's simple to choose up.
Through and through, the os is fresh and nipped and nestled -- the laptop key pad is one of the best on any mobile phone (I choose it to that on Managing program phones), the Configurations Selection is readily available and make improvements in, and primary programs like the Internet Traveler internet browser are liquid to get around.

But the program selection, in evaluation to Managing program and the iPhone, is missing. There are 70,000 programs available in Windows MarketPlace Store, such as the most well-known programs like Tweets and Facebook or myspace. But new well-known programs like DrawSomething or Terms With Friends aren't yet available for the foundation. It's the lack of those hot programs that hold the os back from being as well-rounded as the competitors. OS X Hill Lion Evaluation Observe Video

The cell phone's single-core 1.4GHz brand kept everything running very easily. While many mobile phones these days have dual-core brand chips, I didn't experience any slowdowns. Graphics-rich Console Live games, like Cro-Mag Move, performed easily.

However, the real speed is in the AT&T LTE. The new system, which is currently available in 31 places across the U.S., is quick. Sites like (not the mobile version) packed in just four a few moments while I was driving in a cab on the way to work, and programs like Facebook or myspace downloadable in just four a few moments. In New You are able to, these connections sensed even quicker than Verizon's LTE connections, though that is likely because AT&T's system is in its beginnings, and not as many people are on it just yet.
As a telephone, the Lumia is also quite excellent. Speech calling seemed obvious through the ear piece, though on speaker phone they seemed more muffled and moderate. The best part is that neither the LTE or discussing on the telephone hit power supply too hard. After making a one-hour call and using it quite intensely throughout the day with LTE allowed, I still had a 20 percent charge remaining before going to sleep. That's not something I can declare of my Universe Nexus.
For $99.99, the Lumia 900 is an excellent value. But even if it wasn't just under $100, it would be regarded a great mobile phone. It has a stunning design, wonderful show, strong photographic camera, quick data connections, and a very fresh and easy-to-use os.
However, Windows Cellphone and its program environment still lag behind Apple's iPhone and the many Managing program mobile phones. If having the most well-known programs right here and now are on the top of your record, you're still best off going with the iPhone or an Managing program system.
But one thing is clear: Htc is now the manufacturer of one of the best and most eye-catching mobile phones on the market, and my think is that will put an end to questions like "Nokia still makes phones?"

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